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Massage Table

Somatic Bodywork

Hanna Somatic Education, HSE, relaxes and restores flexibility to the body. HSE uses various protocols associated with the neuromuscular system to recalibrate tension levels in the body. Clients and students are encouraged to slow down, tap into their parasympathetic nervous system and move in comfort.


Somatic private sessions can relieve painful, sore and stiff parts of the body, such as, sciatica, arthritis, injured areas and more. Somatic movement addresses the various holding patterns that arise out of habit, injury, emotional stress and trauma. Clients are educated on how to work with these patterns, acknowledge motor-sensory amnesia and learn how to self regulate.


There are postural assessments standing and laying down at the beginning of the session. On the massage table, the client is guided into a comfortable movement with resistance or "load" provided by the practitioner and then slowly releases the muscles associated with that contraction. This is called a pandiculation and restores a sense of relief from acute and chronic holding patterns. All somatic movement is done without forcing or pushing. Somatic exercises specific to the person's needs are offered at the end of the session for support and self healing. 

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