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Kelli Peacock is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Yoga Instructor. Kelli specializes in somatic movement that can reduce stress, relieve pain and improve the body's sense of awareness. 


Her mission is to guide clients on how to relax, self regulate, move through energy blocks, recover from injury, address alignment    imbalances and feel more freedom in the mind/body connection. She incorporates breathwork, gentle movement, strength with alignment awareness, yoga, meditation and relaxation in her classes. 


Kelli supports her students in developing an inner wisdom through deeper listening and dialogue with somatic movement. Private sessions involve a standing and on the table assessment. Somatic Bodywork is very gentle and done in comfort with no forcing or pushing. The client is guided in engaging a muscle or muscle group and slowly releases. This is a system of neuromuscular resetting protocols specific to the clients' patterns and needs.


Kelli lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Boulder Creek, CA teaching a variety of classes weekly online. She has been in the healing field since 2000 having studied shiatsu, deep tissue, Zenbody Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Reichian Breathwork. As of 2019, she completed a holistic 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Juko Holiday, owner of Ease Mountain Yoga in Ben Lomond, Ca. Kelli is passionate about authenticity, being with “what is” and developing her own felt connections with body, mind and spirit.


Contact Kelli to arrange your free 15min phone consult today on Hanna Somatic Education and information on Private Bodywork Sessions.

Kelli Peacock
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