Subtle Healing and


with Somatics
Photo by Kelli Peacock

Saturday Somatics/September 17

Cat Stretch routine with variations to meet your needs

10-11:30am Pacific

11am-12:30pm Mountain

12-1:30pm Central

1-2:30pm Eastern

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 Kelli Peacock


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Weekly Classes

Somatic Yoga - Sundays


Breath and Somatics - Wednesdays

Find the value of pandiculation in your life. Contract and slow release to reset the resting levels of your being-ness and muscles of course.

Somatics is more than healing from acute and chronic pain.

It is a way of dealing with stress and the emotions.


Come to your breath, relax, release and reset old patterns.

Invite the intuitive voice within to help guide you.


These are gentle, mindful movement classes geared around the "Cat Stretch", designed by Thomas Hanna. We will meet and greet the light and dark areas of our mind and body with compassion to align our deeper self.

About Kelli Peacock

Kelli Peacock is a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and Yoga Instructor. She specializes in helping people reset acute and chronic muscle tension through using a neuromuscular relearning practice. Somatics is a self regulating system for the body/mind connection. Bring more freedom and ease back into your life.


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